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SHO, Delhi Shalimar Bagh


The timely supply of this medicine helped our family and those who are linked with us.  My father, of age 79 years, was suffering from 102 fever - which was risky as he is still recovering from his brain hemorrhage surgery.  After three days of using this medicine he never got his fever back.  We are proud to have you as a friend.

Rakesh Gupta


In this time of corona I get this khada from you . I gave to my relatives and others(50 person)  who were corona positive. After consumption of this khada they were totally fit in 3-5 days
Thanks sir from hart of all the people who consumed this khada

Thanks from harts
Motilal Sultania


Excellent services by staff of Gandhi Vidya Mandir. Ekant ji in Delhi is very cooperative and humble. GVM is doing excellent service in this tough times of a pandemic. Kudos to GVM and their staff.

Vivek Gupta


Dear sir

I am buying your ayurvedic churan and distributing the same in the public. The result is very good. Some my nearest have Corona positive they take the same all the family members come Corona negative. 
Really no words how I explain this is very important in this time you serve your good medicine in public. 
God bless your entire team give a service  of this panic time in India.
Sate safe and healthy.

Sanjay Jain


Dear sir
I had a fever for 12 days. I had sarv jvar har churna and on 13th day my fever came down. I am very happy with the product. My entire family takes it every day in order to boost our immunity. This was very beneficial for all of us.

Mukesh Agrawal

"हमें भी जबसे सर्वज्वर हर चूर्ण के बारे में पता चला है, पिछले 8-9 माह से हमारा पूरा परिवार इस चूर्ण का उपयोग कर रहे हैं, हमारे घर के बाहर सब्जी का बाज़ार लगता है बहुत भीड़ होती है, लोगों का आना जाना बहुत लगा रहता है उसके बावजूद हम सब स्वस्थ हैं अभी तक किसी को भी कोई संक्रमण नहीं हुआ है, और सामान्य सर्दी ज़ुकाम भी जल्दी ठीक हो जाता है।
हिमांशु अंकल जी के साथ साथ पूरी team के प्रति कृतज्ञता।
आप सभी का दिल से आभार
विकास दास वाघेल"